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Hi there!

I am Gero, polymath and work on a variety of subjects, like society, tech, science, poltiics, and sex.

I might not be the expert for all the subjects but I am very good at combining knowledge from very different subjects. That leads to three professions: moderation, giving ideas and creating art.


Every conversation is guided - consciously or unconsciously. Every conversation leads somewhere. Sometimes it is an open journey without destination and yet it will arrive somewhere.
If there is a specific destination, it needs a plan and decisions at every crossroad: What way will lead to the destination?

A moderator assists to transform the destination into a specific travel route. Moderators are flexible to adjust the route if necessary - as travelling often involves the unexpected. And moderators make sure the unexpected will be dealt with without loosing sight of the destination.

Not every conversation needs a moderation, but in many situations it is very helpful, e.g. workshops or meetings. Often a moderation is quite useful to find or set the destination in the first place.
Meetings are bad, if the moderation is bad. Often it helps a lot, if not the supervisor moderates a meeting but a moderator who is not involved with the debated subject but can focus on leading the debate.

I have quite some experience as a moderator: from chairing general assemblies of NGOs interest groups to moderating workshops, meetings and public debates, to chairing party conventions.


Many problems need solutions. Often we think about them for weeks and months without coming up with a good solution. Sometimes we occasionally discover the solution ourselves but often we find the best solutions with some help of other people.
Sometimes just talking to someone else (who might be asking different questions) brings the solution, sometimes someone else has specific ideas for a problem.

We are often to close to the problem and have troubles seeing the bigger picture and therefore are stuck. In these moments it is very helpful to talk to someone with a very different background, who might have different associations and might think very differently about the problem and therefore might find a solution.

I have a lot of experience in very different areas. I grew up on a farm in eastern Germany, studied several subjects (philosophy, cognitive science, mathematics, computer science, chemistry, culture studies) and worked in very different jobs: from bicycle courier to NGOs and politics, editor for a TV production, event organising, project management, web development, moderation, acting and sex work. This variety of experience allows me to see aspects of problems, many others won’t see. And that is how I find solutions, that other people might not find.

Sometimes I am happy to advice and give ideas, sometimes I like to work on implement solutions too.


Art does not have a general definition. To me, art is what makes me think. What questions beliefs and opinions.

I like to irritate people, to make them think.
For me, art is not what is the loudest or most extreme - but what shows an aspect that was not seen before.
Art is the intentional creation of stories, that make people shift their world. Art can exist in all forms. Art is, what people understand as art.
I use primarily text, photography and acting for art.

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