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In 2016 I started exploring photography by buying a DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera. After some time I discovered my passion for catching expressions in humans and small stories in pictures.

I am available for bookings of events as conferences, parties, demonstrations - as well as photo shootings with single models or small groups of people.

I'm an attentive observer and catch thoughts, worry, laughter, or joy of a person/a group of people rather than camera smiles. Camera smiles tell no story.

For events it means I stay in the background so I'm not disturbing whatever is going on. I catch the atmosphere and occasionally turn my camera from the stage to the audience.

For shootings I want the model to feel comfortable and I catch their expressions and feels in my pictures rather than telling them what to do - but if needed I’m barely short on ideas what to do in a shooting.


The GDPR was set in place in May 2018 and since then it's quite a debate how it's still okay to take pictures at conferences. My solution is a variation of "offline tags".

In 2012 a Berlin based think tank developed a system of buttons to be automatically recognised by a software and edited (either face blurred or gave a note to not take a picture. The software worked only as a prototype demonstration - but the more interesting part for events is: you can give all attendants either buttons or stickers to mark themselves as either "want to be photographed" or "don't want to be photographed". If there is a badge it could also be possible to have two versions of a badge with either "no photos" or "yes to photos" or some easy to understand symbol.

As your photographer I'm happy to follow these rules and will take care that no face of someone with a "no photo" tag will be in any of the sorted pictures.